Monthly Archives: March 2016

Annual Vidalia Onion Sale

onions It’s time for our annual Vidalia onion sale!

For the month of April, onions are on sale for $10 per 10–lb. bag. The onions are delivered in early May.

The tastiest onions around, ours are delivered fresh to Auburn immediately after harvest in Vidalia, GA. Auburn Civitans have found they last for a year when properly stored at home.

Onion Sale flyer

Special Olympics Bowling Tournament

SO Banner bowling w ramps

 The annual Special Olympics Bowling Tournament on March 7-8, 2016 featured teams from all over Lee County. Auburn Civitans provided refreshments and support for all three sessions over the two days.

The Civitans also provide bowling ramps for use during the Special Olympics and throughout the year at AMF Auburn Lanes in Auburn. Additional ramps were provided by the Club in March.